timing belts, belt kits, tensioners and idlers, water pumps, v- and multi-v belts, steering and suspension parts, wheel bearing kits, sensors, glow plugs, wiper blades, fuel hoses as well as shock absorbers and brake components
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belt tighteners, wheel bearings, wheel hubs, plugs, cross joints and cardans for transmission units, c.v joints and shock absorber bearings.
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Guttmann - Metelli
Brake discs, Racing brake discs, Brake Drums, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes / Pre-Assembled, Shoes Kits, Wheel cylinders, Brake master cylinders, Brake hoses, Wheel bearing kits.
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Axle bushings, Swinging arm front Silentblock, Stabilizer bush kit, Gearbox-side C.V. joint boot Steering boot, Bearings, Shock absorber bearings, Bearings for gear-box side boots, Radiator hoses Fuel tank connection hoses, Air hoses
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ABRO - WD-40 Original
top quality automotive, industrial and consumer products to customers in countries across the globe.
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About Nikosan-JZ
NIKOSAN-JZ is a company whose main business is import and distribution of spare parts for cars We import from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, UK and USA, and sell high quality auto parts for all types of cars from brands who are their direct manufacturers.
-Flennor - Germany
-Coram - Italy
-Stopper - Italy
-PERSEA - Italy
-TDS - Italy
-LEB - Italy
-PTZ - Slovenia
-AVEL - Slovenia
-WD-40 original - Great Britain
-Lukas - Great Britain
tel:+ 389 (0) 2 26 27 340
Tel-fax: + 389 (0) 2 26 40 016
Mobil: + 389 (0) 71 212-052
Address: Ho Shi Min No.220-b (on the other side of gas station of Makpetrol in Butel)
Бутел 1, 1000, Скопје