About Us

NIKOSAN-JZ is a company whose main business is import and distribution of spare parts for cars We import from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, UK and USA, and sell  high quality auto parts for all types of cars from brands who are their direct manufacturers.

In the course of its work has built long term trust with their partners, which is primarily based on high quality products, prompt delivery and acceptable prices.

We cooperate with over 500 shops and services for cars in the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia. The company at any moment has over 7000 items on stock.

Flennor – Germany

Coram – Italy


Stopper – Italy

PERSEA – Italy


TDS – Italy

LEB – Italy

PTZ – Slovenia

AVEL – Slovenia

WD-40 original – Great Britain


Lukas – Great Britain

  • 01-flennor-1
  • 02-flennor-2
  • 03-flennor-3
  • 04-flennor-4
  • 05-persea-1
  • 06-persea-2
  • 07-persea-3
  • 08-impergom-3
  • 09-impergom-1
  • 10--impergom-2
  • 11-gutman-metelli-1
  • 12-guttmann-metelli-2
  • 13--metelli-1
  • 14-PN-1
  • 15-PN-2
  • 16-TDS-1
  • 17-TDS-2
  • 18-coram-1
  • 19-WD40-1
  • 20-WD40-2
  • 21-ABRO-1
  • 22-ABRO-WD40-1
  • 23-Lukas-1
  • 24-Lukas-2
  • 25-Avel-1
  • 26 Nikosan-JZ
  • 29-stopper-1
  • 29-stopper-2
  • 29-stopper-3

The wide range of products which distributes a confirmation that our company is always oriented towards the needs of consumers. NIKOSAN-JZ occupies a significant part of the market for long-term cooperation with its business partners and the quality of the products they offer.

NIKOSAN-JZ is a family firm with five employees and has its own office space of 600 m (square) situated ul. Ho Chi Minh no. 220-b, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia